BDL offers a cad bureau service covering a huge area of activity from capturing your concept design to providing documentation for manufacturing production.

From simple 2d layouts to fully modelled 3d tool assemblies, BDL can join your project as a seamless addition.

Examples below describe just two of many areas BDL can help with

2d to 3d and beyond

With free viewers easily available for both 2d & 3d data it makes sense to upgrade your old documentation to an electronic format everyone can easily read and importantly securely store / backup.

Old paper drawings,mylar layouts & basic line diagrams still form tlhe only history for many components and production tooling, never to be dis-guarded but slowly sinking deeper in that ‘dark hole’ audit hidden area.

BDL can resurrect that data to create new 2d drawings, presentation documents,include all those hand written notes and provide electronic formats to suit your needs. BDL can produce component,tooling or production drawings from your own cads data freeing up your designers for more creative activities.

As part of the above 3d cads files can be generated using the latest parasolid modelling software and again saved in many different formats to suit.

Further enhancements can be made to prepare components for production including parting lines, drafted features or even ‘brought to life’ by the use of additive manufacturing ( 3d printed ).

BDL believes that your project data should be easily accessible both with and without cad interface, therefore free cad viewers are invaluable to everyone. The following can not be recommended enough :-

image 1 core splines.jpg
2d to 3d.jpg

eDrawings is free software that lets you view and print eDrawings(eDRW, ePRT, eASM), native SolidWorks documents (sldprt, sldasm, slddrw) , DXF, and DWG format files - available for desktop and mobile.

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Data Restoration 

The old adage ‘you get out what you put in’ has never been more true when using poor quality data at the start of a project. ‘Tolerant’ evaluation within cad imports allow data to be worked on but many times merely hide surface errors that will inevitably cause modelling failure during subsequent operations or lie dormant until translated for manufacturing purposes.

BDL can offer a repair / remodel service to a standard that compliments the intended use of the cad data.

This could be:

  • simple repair, re-trim, patch etc to form a closed body model.

  • above plus extensive replacement of superfluous surfaces,remove redundant trimming and attempt to adopt standard geometry.

  • ultimate re-model to create a fully parametric data set.


Whether its adding cads functions to your project, increasing your cad capacity or bringing your old data up to a serviceable standard BDL can help.

BDL aims to provide a cost effective, reliable, quality driven service that is affordable for all deliverables.

With the benefit of realistic overheads many projects can be realised that larger Cad Design Companies and In-house design departments just could not enter.

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