Early days

Thirty plus years experience in tool and part design has given me a broad range of skills mainly in the aerospace industry but also including medical, building products, toys, jewellery etc.

Having had a great start to my working life as a technical apprentice at Rolls-Royce Derby ( drawing board trained ! ) I was privileged to spend the next four years in a specialist RR tool design office under the close supervision of what were some of the best tool designers within the Precision Casting Industry - thanks guys!

Keep learning  

Armed with my HND in mechanical & manufacturing I moved into the wider world of tool design as a jig & tool designer supplying directly to RR and many other tier 1 and 2 companies.

Over the next 25 years with a progression to Design Manager ( position held for 15 years ) I was involved in wax, ceramic and measurement tooling covering most aspects of aerospace casting.

It must be noted that the broad range of aerospace components, some new, many multi-sourced and many more reintroduced, result in a vast spectrum of tooling. Add to this an array of trial, fast make and major modifications, it becomes clear just how many tooling solutions this industry demands.Using many of the disciplines gained has enabled me to work within other sectors from medical tooling, building products, air-frame polymers to name a few.

hole erosion.JPG

Variety allows connections and fresh ideas to propagate between differing industries especially where traditional methods of working have sometimes resulted in a ‘closed shop’ feel.

Working on jewellery, toy buckets & spades whilst modelling the fore-grip for a crossbow has all contributed to a diverse range of design activities that not only stimulate the brain but nurture the passion for design that we all have within!